The Engravers of Religious Medals

The Engravers of Medals


 After collecting for years religious medals, I discovered fantastic artists that designed unique jewelry. I have compiled a list of the greatest engravers of medals. I will start with one of my favorite: Emile Dropsy.  

  Emile Dropsy (1848-1923). This French artist mostly worked during the Art Nouveau period. So his art is inspired by the lines of the Nature and is very delicate. During his career, he made many medals with religious inspirations. He was rewarded twice for his engraving skills. He appears today as an attractive artist, "the purest of religious medallists and the most sincere of landscape artists". 
 The second I like a lot, is not one artist but a family of engravers. The Family Penin Poncet. The story of this great family began at the beginning of the 19th century, in Lyon, with Marius Penin (1807-1880). At this time, Lyon was one of the centers of the manufacture of medals in France. He was talented and received a lot of orders for tokens and commemorative medals. He also worked on religious medals. His son, Ludovic Penin (1830-1868) is better known for his religious art. He engraved but also edited his medals. L.Penin was so talented that he received the title of "pontifical engraver" granted in 1864 by Pius IX. Ludovic Penin was the only one in the Penin’s family that signed his medal with the first letter of his first name. This allows us to date easily the medals signed L.Penin. 

The company Penin became the company Penin Poncet after the marriage of the daughter of L Penin with Alexandre Poncet (1844-1913). The company is experiencing great prosperity. 

 Ludovic Penin’s grand-son, Adolphe Penin (1888-1985) continued the family business but signed very few medals that he engraved. He also received the title of "pontifical engraver ». Paul Penin (born in 1921) continued the artistic work, family legacy. 

The Penin’s family produced a lot of religious medals. The designs are always beautiful. Ludovic Penin's medals have often an architectural decor. 

Our collection of Penin Poncet medals

Fernand PY (1887-1949) is a French sculptor that engraved religious medals with a modernist look. Often with a black background and an embossed design. He created and worked during the Art Deco period. His art was mostly religious. He joined the doctrine of the Arche founded in 1917 by the architect Maurice Storez (1875-1959). The Arche was a group of Catholic artists that which hopes to respond to the desire of Pope Pius X who had said: "I want my people to pray on Beauty".

Our collection of Fernand PY medals. 

madonna child Fernand PyFernand Py crucifix pendant

Louis Victor Tricard, sculptor and engraver, was a student of the sculptor Bonnassieux (1810-1892) and of the sculptor Ch. Gauthier (1831-1891). He worked from the end of the XIXth to the beginning of the XXth century at 16 Rue Vivienne in Paris. He is cited for works and medals with religious subjects. We do not know much about this talented artist that created magnificent medals with delicate details. 

Our collection of Louis Victor Tricard medals

confidimus medal Louis tgricard

Elie Pellegrin (1914-2004) was a French artist who worked in Chamonix (France, ski station near the Mont Blanc) since 1945. Very pious, his art is mostly religious (crucifix, figurines, medals etc). He developed a technique of enameling on metal (bronze, copper, silver, gold), very personal and appreciated by art lovers. In the 1960s, his style is very modern, almost avant-gardiste. He opened a shop in 1968 and was very successful. He received a lot of orders coming not only from France but also from all over the world. Elie Pellegrin is one of the most modern engravers of religious medals. 

Our collection of Elie Pellegrin art

Elie Pellegrin enamelled cradle medal

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