6 Reasons Why Buying Antiques & Vintage

1/ Be Green and Save the Planet

Each time you are buying something old (vintage, antiques ..) you are making the planet a little greener. Nowadays, I think that is very important. Antiques are inherently recycled and reused. Morever, at Charmantiques, we do our best to use recycled wrappings and boxes to make your purchase fully green. So do not hesitate, buy vintage and antiques, be green !

be green save the planet

2/ Find something special

These days, when you are travelling, you find the same souvenir pieces all over the world, from San Francisco to Paris ... Everything tends to be the same things all over the world. And what is fantastic with antiques is that you will not find a similar pieces on every street corners. You can collect handmade and unique items. For example, at Charmantiques, we are selling beautiful hand carved wood panels. Each one is different.

Also, you can offer very special gifts to your beloved ones. Gifts with a meaning.

hand carved still life wood panel

3/ Find something with a soul

I love antiques and vintage because when you look at these items, you know that they lived before you and will live after you. You can imagine what is their story, what they saw and where they were. I think that is very interesting. These pieces have a soul. It is about transfer and inheritance.

4/ Reflection of Past Times

Some vintage and antiques items are genuine reflection of an era. So if you wish to bring an atmosphere from the past to your home, you need to buy antiques and vintage. For example, at charmantiques, we are selling this one of a kind jardiniere. Its lines are fully Art Nouveau. The witness of a time where the nature was the model.


5/ Create a unique home decor

Decorating with antiques and vintage will help you to create a unique and warm home interior. They match antique houses so as modern home decor. Indeed, contemporary room will be highlighted by antiques.

Decor your home with antique plates

6/ Buying antiques is an investment

When you are buying something old instead of something new, you are making a good investment. Antiques are generally of better quality than newer items. And their value can increase, while usually new things value decrease.

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