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Christophe and Pauline, father and daughter, created Charmantiques to gather their treasures on one online site. So they can offer you a wider choice of European antiques and vintage from the 18th Century to the late 20th Century. The boutique offers vintage pieces for all budgets, from everyday items to masterpieces. Embellish all your home from your wine cellar to your attic. Each piece has been hand selected and sourced in France. 

Christophe is located in the beautiful region of Provence and Pauline is located in the gorgeous and historical region of Burgundy. 

Being antique dealers is a family history and all begun with Christophe, who is a third generation antique restorer. By his training, he is an expert on wood art. The woodworking has no longer secrets for him !

Pauline loved to accompany her father to flea markets since she was 7 years old and after a degree in law and art history, she decided to also open a French antique boutique. 

On Charmantiques.net, you can buy with confidence.Do not hesitate to consult their five stars reviews on they Etsy shops:




Do not hesitate to ask any question you may have. Answer 7d/7 within 24hours. 



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