Talking Plates

Talking Plates

What an unusual word to describe plates. What are talking plates or "assiettes parlantes" in French ? 

Talking plates show a picture with usually a short description. They are produced as a set of twelve plates around a same theme (the hunt, weddings, historical facts etc). 

These narrative plates were popular from the second French Empire to the first world war, circa 1870 to 1914. Often humorous and/or historic, there were offered for all occasions in the French bourgeoisie. All the ceramic manufactures of the time produced talking plates (Sarrguemines, Gien, Choisy le Roi, Creil et Montereau etc). 

For instance, Choisy Le Roi created a set about the hunt with a humorous look. The plate above, numbered six, features a hunter with his dog ready to shot ducks while they are domestic ducks ! 

talking plates

Talking plates make me think of comics on ironstone. 

Nowadays, they remain a fantastic gift idea. What a one-of-a-kind gift ! Your beloved ones will be impressed. If you love France, History and humour, you will fell in love with talking plates. You can collect the whole set or only one of different themes. There is something for everyone. 

They can fit modern as traditional home decor. The talking plates will decorate your walls. You can even use them as dessert / cheese plates on your table. 


I hope you enjoy to discover talking plates. If you are looking for a specific plate, please do not hesitate to contact me. 




Saint Joan of Arc's Life talking plates: a set of nine plates

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