The Princess of Orleans (1813-1839) and Saint Joan of Arc

The Princess Marie d'Orléans is the second daughter of the French King Louis Philippe 1st and Marie-Amélie de Bourbon Sicile. This very curious, talented and pious woman was one of the first female artist in the early 19th century and was influenced by the Romantic artistic movement. She discovered the sculpture in 1834 and her passion. She was also very interested by the French History. One heroine interested her particularly : Joan of Arc. She wanted to depict the compassion of Joan of Arc. So she broked up with the traditional iconography of Joan of Arc with a more personnal and realist representation.

marble statue of st joan of arc

Her first significant order was made by her father, the King, in 1835 who ordered her a statue of Saint Joan of Art for Versailles Palace. In 1837, the marble statue was done and the criticism were eulogistic. The religious angle of the masterpiece was pointed out and appreciated. Saint Joan of Arc is featured meditative and praying. She is holding her sword as a crucifix. The battle elements are in the background. This realistic work of art is spiritual.


The King and the Royal family in the Versailles Palace in front of the marble Statue of Saitn Joan of Arc. 

This piece of art remains her main masterpiece. Marie d'Orleans died in her 26th years.


You can add to your home a bronze statue of this historical and religious masterpiece. 

saint joan of arc

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