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Bisque Porcelain Mary Statue

Bisque Porcelain Mary Statue

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Delight in the serene beauty and spiritual significance of this French antique marian statue, depicting the crowned Virgin Mary. Crafted from fine bisque porcelain, this figurine embodies the timeless reverence and artistic elegance associated with the Virgin Mary in Christian tradition.
This antique figurine hails from the 19th century period rich in religious artistry, reflecting the deep devotion and skilled craftsmanship of its era. Its origins are steeped in the traditions of Marian veneration that have inspired countless works of art throughout history.
The statue features the Virgin Mary crowned as the Queen of Heaven, standing with grace and dignity. Her serene expression and gentle posture convey a sense of calm and divine benevolence. The crown of flowers and flowing robes are intricately detailed, adding a regal touch to her holy presence.
Made from fine bisque porcelain, this figurine is characterized by its soft, matte finish and delicate texture. Bisque porcelain is prized for its ability to capture fine details.
The crowned Virgin Mary is a powerful symbol of purity, motherhood, and divine authority. As the Queen of Heaven, she represents maternal care, spiritual intercession, and the grace bestowed upon her by God.
Whether displayed in a home, church, or collection of religious art, this bisque figurine serves as a beautiful reminder of the spiritual and artistic heritage embodied in the veneration of the Virgin Mary.

Overall good antique condition with some normal signs of ages.
Please take a close look at the photos.

Height: 11 3/8" (29cm)
Width: 4 3/4" (12cm)

Weight: 1,3kg

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Bisque Porcelain Mary Statue
Bisque Porcelain Mary Statue
Bisque Porcelain Mary Statue
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